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Promotional Labels - Expand Your product's Message

Don't limit your packaging to a simple product label.  Custom Label specializes in unique multi-ply label constructions that increase the message your product delivers.  Not every custom label printer offers these unique products.  Here are some ideas for your packaging:

Instant Redeemable Coupons or Dry Peel Labels
Dry Peel labels are an excellent way to deliver an Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) or additional information (including recipes, cross-promotion coupons or game pieces) directly on your package. On-package dry peel or IRC labels offer immediate impact on the shelf where consumers are most likely to make purchasing decisions.

Dry peel and IRC construction features include:

  • Removable label top ply with no adhesive residue. This is great for the retailer who recieves these labels as instant redeemable coupons. IRC constructions are accepted nationally.
  • Ability to print on three surfaces with the base surface being either a white or clear film to withstand wet, cold, and humid environments.  Clear labels left on the product can be printed or transparent.
  • Delivered in sheets for hand application or rolls for machine application. For promotional campaigns, Custom Label can offer leasing of label application machinery along with the technical expertise necessary for engineering, installation and start-up.  Please email for more information.

Expanded Content Labels

Expanded Content Labels (or Extended Content Labels) are promotional booklet type labels that deliver more information than a standard label can normally accomodate. This type of label unfolds, using up to 10 panels to reveal additional content including use instructions, recipes, coupons, cross-promotion information, mail-in rebates, multi-lingual translations, or sweepstakes.

Expanded Content or Extended Content labels can be used as part of your current packaging label or as a secondary promotional label applied on top of your primary label. Both Extended labels and Expanded Content Labels can be delivered in sheets for hand application or rolls for machine application.

Custom Label provides leasing of label application machinery with the technical expertise right at your facilty. Please email for more information.

Recipes and Information

With an peel-off label or folded label, you can offer your consumer a bonus.  A group of recipes utilizing your product, or information about how the consumer can enjoy it.  With an on-pack promotional label you can provide more printed label copy without increasing the label's size!

Scratch-Off Cards and Labels

Custom Label offers scratch-off coatings that can be printed as a secure barrier for gamepieces, PIN cards, or other security-related printing.  Variable information can be printed underneath the scratch-off coating using either digital label printing, thermal transfer or ion deposition printing. 

Personalized Labels

Digital Printing has changed the game when it comes to personalization.  At Custom Label, our digital press is able to print variable images including four-color process images - with a different image on every label!  What can your imagination dream up?  Need name tags for a High School Reunion? Why not have each label include the alumnus' Name and graduation picture?  Personalized wine labels for your daughter's wedding?  Why not give each guest a bottle with a picture of them with the Bride and Groom?  The sky is the limit with Digital Printing!

What Makes Custom Label Different?
With nearly 30 years in the business, Custom Label offers a complete array of products, capabilities, and expertise to meet your specific packaging and labeling needs. Custom Label will work with you from conception to completion. We will ensure the materials chosen will not only help you market and sell more of your product, but also stand up to the ever changing conditions of your product's life-cycle.

Give one of our friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable customer service representatives a call to talk through your specific needs today!

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