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Digital printing has changed the way we look at short to medium run full color label printing. Digital printing has eliminated the costly set-ups for customers who are looking for full color high quality labels but do not require large quanitities. Digital Printing skips the steps of film, plates, and inking the press - reducing set-up and prep charges to a fraction of other print methods.  Customers demanding high quality short run labels can now have offset-quality without paying high prices.


With the purchase of our HP Indigo Digital press, Custom Label can now produce your smallest, full-color label run at a fraction of the cost of traditional flexographic printing. Minimal set up and no plates allow us the ability to offer high-quality, fast turnaround, low cost label solutions.

Why Digital Printing?
Here's what digital printing can do for you:

  • Fast Turnaround - With no plates and little or no setup, Custom Label can print your job in minutes. Need just a few sample labels? No problem. Have 35 skus that are 500 labels each, perfect fit. We can get your labels on and off the digital press without costly set-ups or change-overs.
  • High-Quality - Digital printing offers high-quality and high-resolution full color labels at a price you can afford. From the first label off the press to the last, each label is in perfect registration.
  • Cost Effective - For smaller quantities, you will always get a better price with digital printing. No plates, no setup, and minimal change-over costs equates to a low cost label to you. Call us today to discuss how much you can save!
  • Just In Time - Digital Printing also means you can order only the quanitites you need rather than larger quantities just to get to a specific unit price. Custom Label will work with you on a JIT delivery system that we will designed to your specifc needs. JIT will save you inventory costs and space. Additionally, since there are no plates in digital printing, you have the freedom to update your label or brand anytime without costly new plate charges.
  • Variable Data - The ability to print variable data including barcodes, consecutive numbers, or even variable 4 color process images can open doors for your company. Create specific labels for each retailer or customer you sell to. Change your package to match the seasons. Get creative!  No matter what you create, digital printing makes it possible without high change-over costs.


Let Us Grow with You
The greatest advantage of partnering with Custom Label is that we can grow right along with your business or product line. For lower quantities start out with digital printing to keep costs low. As your demand grows, we can seamlessly transition from digital four-color printing to our UV Flexogrpahy press offering up to ten colors. Our pre-press department has fingerprinted our presses to make your transistion seemless.

What Makes Custom Label Different?
With nearly 30 years in the business, Custom Label offers a complete array of products, capabilities, and expertise to meet your specific packaging and labeling needs. Custom Label will work with you from conception to completion. We will ensure the materials chosen will not only help you market and sell more of your product, but also stand up to the ever changing conditions of your product's life-cycle.

Give one of our friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable customer service representatives a call to talk through your specific needs today!

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