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For half a century Folding Cartons have been run on large off-set litho presses on large sheets of board. That process was great if you wanted millions of cartons. But what if you only want 50? Just a few years ago, your options were limited. You either had to settle for low-quality hand-made carton "comps", or pay for a full press set up on a large folding carton press. Now, digital label printing gives you an alternative.  By applying a high quality printed label to a blank carton, you get the best of both worlds!

Custom Label Offers Digital Labels that can be applied to Folding Cartons

You can purchase your blank retail cartons from a variety of industrial supply companies.  Custom Label will design a custom label dieline to ensure that your final package looks professional.  The full color printing will look like an integrated part of the carton, not a sticker!

Short-run Folding Cartons are great for:

  • Sales Samples
  • Board Room Presentations
  • Test Markets
  • Focus Panel Studies
  • Ship Testing
  • Product Introductions

Custom Label can help you ramp up your project quickly and within budget. Let us help you save thousands of dollars during your product's early stages — when every penny counts! 

We partner with several long-run folding carton companies that we have certified for quality, service and manufacturing capabilities. Once you are ready to move forward with longer production runs, we will work with them to ensure proper color matching and specifications.

What Makes Custom Label Different?

With nearly 30 years in the business, Custom Label offers a complete array of products, capabilities, and expertise to meet your specific packaging and labeling needs. Custom Label will work with you from conception to completion. We will ensure the materials chosen will not only help you market and sell more of your product, but also stand up to the ever changing conditions of your product's life-cycle.

Give one of our friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable customer service representatives a call to talk through your specific needs today!

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