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How Important is Color to YOU?

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

private-2In the most recent blog I cited a study which found that people make a subconscious evaluation about a person, environment or product within 90 seconds of their initial viewing (source: CCICOLOR “ Institute for Color Research) and that more than 62% of that assessment is based on color alone! We are all programmed to react with emotion to different colors. It seems clear to me that a product’s color has more to do with our purchasing behaviors that we are aware of. On a subconscious level we connect specific colors with feelings, fears, emotions, and sensations. Brand managers and entrepreneurs must pick their colors carefully to make sure their brand colors match their brand image.

There are other reasons to pick packaging colors carefully. In another research study color was found to increase brand recognition by up to 80% (source: University of Loyola, Maryland). That is a big number! Coca-Cola versus Pepsi is a clear example of this phenomenon. Same can, same artwork layout, but if I asked which is red, and which is blue you wouldn’t need to phone a friend. What about Pepto Bismol? Easy to remember when you have an upset stomach?

d004Custom Label is all about Color. Your Color. We have more than 30 years of experience working with customers to match your exact color not once, but every time you place an order. Our flexo label presses are multi-color platforms that support up to 10 individual colors run in a single pass. Each print station can print a different PMS or custom-match color. We can provide color draw down samples or conduct a live press-check proof where you can be involved and confirm the perfect color for your label and product. Our digital press uses up to 6 colors to create a process blend that emulates the traditional PMS colors. We can come very close for a large percentage of PMS colors. For those colors that do not translate to process printing, we can order PMS match colors for the digital press. Whether your need is short run digital labels or a long run flexo job, we will make sure you are happy with the color. Your success depends upon it!