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Custom Label - Fighting Crime!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

We recently had the opportunity to help a customer and friend of Custom Label, the Alameda County Sherrif’s Department. Gerald Verbeck from the Sheriff’s office called and asked if Custom Label could help them with labels for a training and fund-raising event. We were happy to help, donating design help and a production run. We produced two digital labels for the Sheriff’s Deparment - one custom wine label and a separate logo label.

wine-labels-k91The custom wine label was produced to commemorate an international training event hosted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s department. 60 Police Dogs and their handlers came from across the United States and 4 countries. An example of the international delegation, the Phillipines sent two canine officers to learn the latest canine training techniques. They say that since Sept. 11, 2001 police dogs have become a very important weapon against their war on terror. Custom Label was glad to donate this short run of custom digital labels to the cause - celebrating the Alameda County Sheriff’s Deparment’s role as a leader in canine law enforcement.

badge-label-k9The other label we provided was a simple gold label for the K-9 unit. This short run was used for promotional items at the conference, but we just received a call from the Sheriff’s Department asking for longer run quotes. It seems the labels were a big hit and many of the officer’s were asking for a few printed label rolls to carry with them. Great handouts for children who come in contact with the K-9 Officers!

Here’s a local news video that covered the training event.