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Earth Day and Your Labels

Monday, April 20th, 2009

green-light-bulbWith Earth Day nearly at an end, I started wondering. Who declared the first Earth Day, and why? Did they realize how important environmental awareness would become, and at the same time how polarizing an issue?

The first official Earth Day in the United States was celebrated in spring 1970, at the urging of a Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson. The limited bounty of earth’s natural resources were of concern, but ironically the focus was not on conservation. At that time, the more popular movement was for population control! Nelson was quoted as saying “The bigger the population gets, the more serious the problems become … We have to address the population issue… every country is green-globeresponsible for stabilizing its own population. It can be done.” Quite a different spin on environmentalism! Even more ironic, one popular environmental concern cited “imminent cooling” of the earth’s surface and “glaciation” as a significant threat to our environment! A downward temperature trend was observed during the 30 year period preceding 1970 which alarmed some scientists, and led to the popular fear of “Global Cooling”.

green-snakeWhether our planet is cooling or heating, one thing is certain. We should all do our best to use earth’s resources wisely and reduce waste. Custom Label is ready to help you find packaging materials that are environmentally friendly. Our Digital Label press is a perfect example. Digital printing has significantly lower material waste than traditional flexography, letterpress, or rotogravure. By running an order digitally we avoid the need to “set-up” the press while running waste stock through the press. Selecting an eco-friendly label stock is also a way to green up your package. We offer a range of facestocks that have higher post-consumer-waste content. There are also bio-degradable and compostable materials that Custom Label can propose for your labels. We even have renewable materials, such as tree-free bamboo papers, where the source plant can be replenished faster than the consumption rate. Give your representative a call, Custom Label would welcome the opportunity to help you create a more eco-friendly package! gets a Facelift!

Monday, April 20th, 2009

April 2009 has brought more than just sunshine and flowers - has been given an extreme makeover and is now up and live! We are very excited about our new home on the web and what it can do for our customers. clhomepage2showcases the broad range of packaging products we offer, loaded with ideas for your products. Don’t forget to visit the Company area. We’ve placed some neat resources in this area including an industry glossary, FAQ’s, testimonials, blog archives, and a page detailing how Custom Label can help you Green up your packaging. was designed with you, our Customer, in mind. We have enhanced information and quote request tools, as well as a Live Support facility. More about those in a future article!